• Annual Report 2018
  • Expanding the Horizons of Hope


Jim Miles, Acting Executive Director, Catholic Education Melbourne

This report is a culmination of Catholic Education Melbourne’s journey towards the expanding horizons of hope in 2018.


After considerable consultation with school and religious leaders, Catholic Education Melbourne’s 2018 year began with the release of its new Identity and Growth resources. These were designed to give all students hope by supporting school leaders and teaching staff as they seek to create safe, nurturing and inclusive environments.


In a significant year for Catholic Education Melbourne, Archbishop Denis Hart stepped down as Archbishop of Melbourne in July 2018, after 17 years in the role.


His leadership has been a guiding hand for Catholic education in the Archdiocese over a period of expanding horizons for education, including the most significant growth in student and school numbers since the 1950s and 1960s, secure and ongoing funding at the federal and state levels, and the introduction of the Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity project. Throughout this, he worked in partnership with Stephen Elder OAM, who also stepped down as Executive Director of Catholic Education Melbourne in 2018.


Melbourne welcomed its ninth Archbishop, Peter A Comensoli, in August 2018. Having previously served as the Bishop of Broken Bay, Archbishop Peter has brought a vibrancy to his role, and a focus on youth and young people. Archbishop Peter has already used his short time to forge closer relationships between schools and the Church to help realise his hope-filled vision.


The school funding debate that had dominated the Catholic education horizon for two years ended in 2018, with the Liberal Nationals Government making substantial changes to its funding model in recognition of the concerns voiced by Melbourne’s Catholic school communities.


It was also an important year for Catholic Education Melbourne as the organisation aimed to further support teaching and learning improvements in its school communities. With the Horizons of Hope foundation statements as a guide, 2018 saw the reintroduction of the Leadership Continuum to support new and emerging leaders, and a renewal of school review models, school improvement surveys, and school improvement resources and frameworks.

Fast Facts

Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is a faith-based educational system and a leading provider of school education in the third-largest Catholic diocese in the world.

1 in 4 students in Melbourne attend Catholic schools.
Who we support

  • 18700 Staff
  • 332 Schools
  • 153475 Students




Student Achievement

VCE completion rates of at least 98%.
Median Study Score statistics

Enhancing Catholic School Identity


Identity and Growth


In honour of the sacred dignity of all people, the Identity and Growth: A Perspective for Catholic Schools resources were developed and launched in 2018 to guide school leaders in creating safe, nurturing and inclusive environments for all students.

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Religious Dimension


The ‘Pedagogy of Encounter’ concept of our renewed Religious Education Curriculum Framework builds a foundation for striking a middle way between secular humanism and Catholic religion, and supports the full flourishing of learners as spiritual and religious, physical and cognitive, and social and emotional beings.

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An exploration of the nature and importance of wellbeing and how it is enacted in Catholic schools led to eXcel – an explicit, practical guide to inform pedagogical practice, curriculum design and policies to strengthen the wellbeing and learning outcomes of children and young people.

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STEM MAD Showcase


Catholic Education Melbourne held a STEM Making a Difference (MAD) Showcase on 25 October 2018. The Showcase promoted STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems, and demonstrated how students in Catholic schools can innovate and take action that makes a difference.

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Leadership Continuum


Through a comprehensive suite of education, training, experience and mentoring programs, the Leadership Continuum maps a teacher’s leadership journey through seven phases.

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School Improvement Renewal


In 2018, Catholic Education Melbourne commenced the process of developing renewed approaches to school improvement. This included the renewal of school review models, school improvement surveys, and school improvement resources and frameworks.

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Time to Shine 2018


Time to Shine returned in 2018. It was brighter and more dazzling than ever and, to top it off, it was staged at our city’s most prestigious venue, the State Theatre, where a capacity audience of 2,000 made this the most successful show so far.

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Professional Learning

  • 6460 Staff Attended
  • 538 Sessions Held


Fairer School Funding


Catholic Education Melbourne, with the support of school communities across Australia, successfully campaigned for the government to deliver a fair funding model. The new model ensures parents will continue to have the option of a low-fee, faith-based alternative for their child’s education.


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New Schools


The new, fairer funding model meant we were finally able to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population in the north and west of Melbourne with four new Catholic primary schools.

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Understanding School Engagement in Research (USER) Project


Catholic Education Melbourne conducted the Understanding School Engagement in Research (USER) project to better understand how schools engage in academic research projects, and how they engage with the research evidence. Invaluable feedback was provided by 67 Melbourne Catholic schools.

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